Father of Apple Smartwatch Ultra; X8 ultra smartwatch, first look, design , features and Pros and Cons, is it worth it?

X8 smartwatch ultra Pros and cons

As we know that Apple has launched its latest Smartwatch recognized as the apple smart watch Ultra in the past few months. The watch comes with greater improvements in the design and in the chipset. But the Apple smartwatch ultra is so much expensive that a common man can’t afford it. So in this article, we … Read more

MiBro T1 Bluetooth Calling Smart Watch; Budget Smart Watch, Specifications and Pros and Cons

Mibro T1 Bluetooth Calling Smart WAtch

The Mibro is the most famous brand and the producer of smartwatches. After its success with the previous X1 watch, The Mibro is back in the game of smartwatches. The latest model of the smart what is now come with great improvements that include the hardware the design and the best improvements in the amulet … Read more